How to Save Money on Your Internet Bill

Learn how to reduce your internet bill with easy tips and tricks.

May 17, 2023
How to Save Money on Your Internet Bill hero
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When it comes to our utility bills, there are few we think about more than our internet bill. With many of us now relying on the internet for our work, school, and entertainment, it is perhaps more of an essential expense than ever before. Thankfully, there are numerous simple, smart strategies to help us save money on our internet bill.

Move To A Cheaper Plan

The number one thing to check when trying to reduce your internet bill is seeing if there is an available lower-priced internet plan that still meets your needs. Especially if you've had your current internet plan for a long time, you could be missing out on deeper discounts for newer subscribers, or more cost effective bundles.

Make sure to do your research and ensure you are getting the best possible deal for you. Compare the different providers and options available to you in your area and you could end up saving yourself a decent amount of money.

Consider Bundles

Bundles are a great way to save money on your internet bill. Many providers offer bundles allowing you to bring multiple services and products together, such as phone, TV, and internet, for one discounted rate.

Bundles usually offer more savings than buying services individually. It's also a great way to simplify your payments and bills, since you only need to manage one account for multiple services.

Upgrade to A Faster Plan

The more you use the internet, the more bandwidth you’ll consume. If you find yourself using more data than your current plan allows, you should consider upgrading to a faster plan that offers more data.

This will allow you to consume more data without having to switch plans. However, it is important to remember to not buy more data than you actually need. Paying for a data amount you don't use is a sure-fire way to increase your bill.

Always Shop for A Deal

When it comes to our internet service, none of us want to overspend. As a result, it's always a good idea to shop around and see what deals are available.

Providers frequently offer promotional rates or discounts for their services, such as six months free or discounted service. It’s worth keeping an eye out for these promotions when it's time to renew your plan or when you are looking to switch providers.

Negotiate with Your Current Provider

If you've decided to stick with your current provider, don't be afraid to negotiate your bill. This can be a great way to bring your bill down without having to switch providers.

When you call, ask for any discounts or promotions the provider may be offering. You should also mention any offers you've heard about from competitors. Often, providers will match offers from the competition, or even offer something even better.

Take Advantage of Discounts

Many providers offer discounts if your internet is part of a bundle package, so take a look and see if that is something you can benefit from. For example, if you are a student or a senior, you may qualify for deeper discounts or better offers.

Also, if you are in the military or medical field, some providers offer free or discounted internet plans. It's always worth checking if these discounts apply to you.

Utilize Public Wifi

If you are on a tight budget and are looking for more ways to save money on your internet bill, consider taking advantage of public wifi. Many restaurants, coffee shops, and other businesses offer free internet to customers.

You can also look into using the hotspots available in your city. This can provide an excellent way of accessing the internet free of charge, or for a small monthly fee.

Postpone Higher Speed Plans

Unless you're using the internet for critical applications or gaming, you probably don't need the fastest speeds available. Generally, most households can get by with mid-speed internet plans for their everyday needs.

Before upgrading to faster speeds, consider how often you actually need Internet that's lightning fast. Upgrading your plan to a faster, more expensive speed doesn't usually make sense if you don’t need the extra speed.

Implement an Internet Data Limit

If you find yourself going over your data limit month after month, consider implementing an internet data limit. This can help your family to regulate their usage, helping you to consistently stay within your data limit.

When considering adding a data limit, make sure it is achievable without hindering your enjoyment of the internet. Limiting your data should be a way to save money, not a way to prevent you from using the services you need.

Use wifi Extenders

If you have dead spots in your home, and find yourself constantly buying more data because of it, consider getting a wifi extender. A wifi extender can help to boost the signal in areas of your home that have poor connectivity, while also helping you to save money on your internet bill.

Saving money on your internet bill can take a bit of research and effort, but it can pay off in the long run. Make sure to check for plans or promotions that meet your needs and budget, and take advantage of any discounts and deals available to you. It is also important to consider how much data you actually need and always remember to shop around for the best offers. With the right approach, you can save money on your internet bill and ensure that you are getting the best value for your money.

Foxi - Budget Planner & Tracker


Budget Planner & Tracker

More money in your pocket by the end of the month.

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